DIY Valentine's Day Nails (University Foodie)

Published on February 5th, 2013 | by Rachel Budke


Guest Post: Valentine’s Day Nail Art


Hey Ladies! First and foremost I would like to introduce myself, I am Sarah (Rachel’s twin sister!) and I will occasionally be doing some guest posts for you guys on all things beauty and fashion related.

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I thought it would be fun to do a girly nail art design, without screaming hearts and instead add some edgy flair.  Try it out and let me know what you think!


1.  Remove old polish, clean, trim, files and push back (not cut!) cuticles.
2.  Paint nail with 2 thin coats of pink nail polish. Let dry completely! (I waited overnight).
3.  Cut a piece of Scotch tape in half, length wise, and form a triangle on the base of your nails. Put the outer edges together so you have a clean, straight line. Press down making sure there are no air bubbles or creases in the tape. It is easier to tape each nail before you paint the gold.
4.  Paint over the taped off area with 2 thin coats of the gold nail polish, or until opaque. Right after you finish the second coat slowly remove the tape, starting at the tip of your fingernail. Repeat on the other nails.
5.  Touch up areas where the paint was pulled up. Wait to dry.
6.  Using a small brush or toothpick slowly outline the edges of the nail with black polish. Take your time and don’t worry about getting it all over your skin- it is far easier than having to correct mistakes on the pink.
7.  Let dry and apply topcoat.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
























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Rachel is a senior at Kansas State University, where she is studying Bakery Science. In the fall of 2013 she studied abroad in Florence, Italy. She loves cooking, photography and DIY projects.

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